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Christian Outreach

In response to Christ’s commitment to “love thy neighbor as thyself,” the Christian Outreach Committee supports a variety of services to our neighbor in need. We coordinate church volunteers and fundraising for specific projects, and we create new programs in response to emerging needs, both local and international. We also encourage parishioners to volunteer directly in local organizations. Our international focus is on South Sudan, supporting an ongoing relationship with a school there and with Sudanese refugees in Roanoke.

Annually, we assist the parish in directing financial support to several regional agencies, with special emphasis on those whose mission is to help families meet urgent needs of food, shelter, utilities, and health care. We also offer financial support to local organizations that provide services such as early childhood development, education, end of life care, help for victims of abuse, and transportation.  Area organizations wishing to apply can find the application form above. Completed applications can be sent to completed applications can be sent to christianoutreach@releechurch.org or to the church office. For more information please contact Libby Cumming (cummingl@wlu.edu)