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Episcopal Church

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Caring for One Another and the Community

Youth Ministries
Be Deep. Be Real. Let Go.
The Youth of of R E Lee Church are valued parishioners and take an active role in our worship by acolyting, lay reading, and singing in the choirs.

Our High School Youth meets weekly on Thursday mornings at 7 am to cook and eat breakfast and share a devotion together.

The middle school youth meet on the 3rd Sunday of the month from 4 to 5:30 for fun, fellowship and a faith activity.

The groups gather monthly for a service project. In October 2016 they participated in CANTASTIC, a canned food sculpture contest with the youth of Lexington Presbyterian  and Trinity UM at the RARA food pantry.

Our annual Polar Bear Plunge was held in February 2017 to support our annual Stop Hunger Now Food Pack.

We regularly participate in DIOSWVA's youth  events, FYE, Happening, SYE, Youth@Council and YMT.

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