R E Lee Memorial
Episcopal Church

Growing in the Knowledge of God's Word

Building the Fellowship of the Church

Caring for One Another and the Community

We welcome you to R. E. Lee Memorial Episcopal Church! We are the Lexington parish of the Diocese of Southwestern Virginia.

We exclude no one as we seek
the love of God and
service to Christ in all persons,
strive for justice and peace
among all people,
and respect the dignity of every human being.


Holy Eucharist
8 am, 10:30 am and 5 pm

2nd Sunday Taize` Eucharist, 5 pm

 Music in the meditative Taizé tradition with prayers, readings from Scripture, and Holy Eucharist

4th Sunday Dinner Church, Parish Hall, 5 pm

At Dinner Church, worship takes place at the table around a meal. Communion is made as we share food and ourselves by exploring scripture, singing, and praying together.

Please bring yourself and a dish to share.
All are welcome!


Christian Education for Children and Youth
3rd Floor Parish House. 9:30

Christianity and Culture
AMOS And US: Words of the prophet for our (or any) time
Parish Hall, 9:15

For those who may have issues navigating the front stairs a ramp has been built on the west side of the church. You can access the ramp from Washington Street.

Thank you for visiting our website and we hope to see you in person soon.

Restoration of the Chancel Brass
By Doug Cumming
The lovely brass work in the chancel of our sanctuary should be shining like new by Christmas. What a Christmas present that will be!
The restoration of the brass was a project undertaken by Woody Sadler (more than a year before he was pressed into service as a new Vestry member and senior warden) and Mo Littlefield. With the help of Marcy Molinaro, they contacted one of the best brass restorers on the East coast, Steve Roy, got an estimate, and began quietly finding funds to pay for it.
The project is not merely to clean and polish, but also to coat the brass in a special coating that will eliminate the need for polishing ever again. All we will need to do is dust. The mighty eagle of the lectern and the gorgeous symbols of the four evangelists around the pulpit will give off that warm glow that has made brass the metal of royalty for millennia. The estimate from Roy two years ago was $22,000.
That much has been raised, thanks largely to a $11,000 matching grant from the Gadsden Trust. Roy has just returned to reappraise the job, to see if he can keep the cost within that range. Stay tuned.
Here’s is a blog post I wrote about this.
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